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SCGT Patchs

Below you'll find the patchs I'm currently using (1.551/banscene/no-cd)
But I'm recommending to new users Witys "Step1" patch, a one click install
of all the needed patchs and more, I've provided it here and will keep it
updated if he changes it, please read the included read-me first!!

Notes on the Step1 Patch

After a few reports of people having problems with the patch
I tested it on my 550 pentium, I completely un-installed SCGT
even deleting the registry keys. I installed everything but the
movies during installation. Remember to click "no" on installing
directx 6.1, you should have the latest version of directx installed,
and 6.1 is not it :). I started the game before installing the patch
to make sure it works, if you have problems running it before the patch
you need to update your video drivers or whatever so that it runs.
The installation of Step1 is simplicity, I think the problem people
are having is when it comes to the directory, by default the directory
will be listed as "C:\sports car gt", well if you have installed scgt
to the "default" directory it will be..
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Sports Car GT" so you need to click
that box to the right of the line and browse to the right directory, walla.
Then I ran the game "before" adding tracks and cars, created a driver,
set my options, entered the cheat codes and everything was fine.
I installed a track, .mas files to the \MAS folder. scn and .aiw files
to the \DAT folder, the pic .bmp to the \PATCH\SPCAR folder, worked fine.
Installed a car, .bmp and .veh files to the \PATCH\SPCAR folder, the cars
.mas file to the \PATCH folder, worked fine.
I removed the CD and was able to play without it, so No-CD patch works.
So my installation was successful and toasted a Guiness to Wity, good job! :)

<<< One trick when trying to get SCGT to run on newer machines is to right click
on your SCGT shortcut, click "properties" click the "compatibility" tab,
click the compatibility mode box and set for Win 98/ Win Me and apply.>>>


Here's the basic files I currently use, but like I said I recommend the
above "Step1" patch...

The 1.551 Fixed patch...

Simple to use just extract all files to your SCGT folder.

The ban_scene_mas patch..(follow the readme)

Just do as the read-me's say, in the right order they say, the read-me
talks about "SP3" if you don't know what it is you "don't" have it installed.

(You used to have to unpack and repack scene.mas everytime you wanted to
install a track, thanks to Stefan Karlsson (GT-40 Steven) this patch allows you to simply
copy .scr and .aiw files to /DAT folder.)

Next the ban_scene No CD patch..(follow the readme)

Also simple to use, just extract the "spcar_ban.exe" file to your SCGT folder and run it.
If you use this No CD patch, it creates a folder called "spcar" in the patch folder
(patch/spcar), when using this patch you must put .veh and .bmp vehicle files
in the patch/spcar folder, and the .mas vehicle files in the /patch folder, also track pics
go into the /spcar folder. Tire pics still go in the /patch folder.



If you use the "Step1" patch the updated 'scene.mas" file is included,
if you use the patchs above then you need to put this file in your scgt/DAT folder
(thats right /DAT not /MAS) this file contains the latest terrain entrys for all
the known SCGT tracks, it was compiled by Wity and Uzzi on 12-30-03, if you have
a track made "after" this date, unless the tracks states it needs a new "scene.mas"
you're fine :)..updated_scene_mas_12_30_03.RAR


SCGT Cheat Codes

When starting the game, at main entry screen create a driver
type "isi-cheeseman" (will enable cheat mode)
then click "career mode" and..
type "isi-tbone" (will unlock all cars/tracks)
type "isi-aardvark" (will add $ do it 2-3 times)
click "buy vehicle" tab and buy a car..
then click "vehicle parts" tab..
and type "isi-corsica" (will max out all parts)
Note; You should see a little message at the upper left corner
of your screen when entering each code, but some graphics cards
you won't see anything.
Other codes are..
isi-plague - GT3 League
isi-delicate - "KittyCat" Mode


In-Game Manual

You can find basic game controls, display help, Track and Team info
right in your /Sports Car GT basic folder, click on "readme.htm"


Editing Car Classes

A lot of Cars you download will be set for classes that you
"don't" have in your SCGT, you can create these classes by making your oun
launching .exe's, or you can download them at various places including here
in the Cars/Mods section. But you can just edit the .veh file with "notepad" to
make the cars use the class you want GT1, GT2, GT3, or GTQ (Basic Classes)
You just edit the second line as shown below.


Car Folders/ANI.ANI

As mentioned with the patch cars mas files go to /patch
veh and bmp (car pic) files go to /patch/spcar
(Executables or "mods" will have their oun folder in /patch
for the veh and bmp files, mas files will still go to /patch)
Others things that cars may need to install are sounds,
they go in /sounds/22k16bit folder (22k should be set in your sounds options)
Animated wheels and sometimes misc bmps go in the patch folder
also, may require you to edit the ani.ani file (with notepad) in your /dat
folder. If the car you've downloaded has animated wheels, it will usually
have 3 .bmp files to extract to your /patch folder, and an animated rule
listed in a readme that needs to be added to the ani.ani file, like this..


just open your ani.ani file (in /dat folder) with notepad, paste the
rule with others seen there, leaving a space before and after the rule.


Creating Executables

As mentioned above you can make your oun executables, good tool
for this is Witys "Easyexe3" program, basically it lets you create
a separate game within SCGT for whatever cars you want...EASYexe3.RAR

Guiness has made an Executable maker as well, "Exelab" will also let you
look at the classes of other exe's as well...ExelabV2_1.RAR


Car Performance Editing

Another useful tool is John Bayley's..."GTVE4 Editor"
You can tweak just about everything performance related on your
vehicles with this great program.


Track Managers

Remember you can only have 64 tracks in SCGT, if it starts crashing, or giving you
the dreaded "Insert CD" message, or if you don't hear sounds you probably have too many!

Reggie Brooks "Track Manager" allows you to pick which
Tracks get loaded into SCGT, You are also limited to 424 cars.



MaSpuce by Tagforce is a great easy to use program for unpacking
and repacking .mas files like loading.mas for loading screens,
also car and scgt options editing.

Sean Staffords Maspuce Tuitorial


Replay Manager

Before Speedsims went down I posted Simon Phillips "Replay Manager",
posted a "permission seeking" post and made attempts to contact him
to no avail "before" posting the file as it was not available anywhere.
I'm posting it here as well but will be removed if Simon surfaces and wishs it.

What replay manager does;

"Replay Manager" allows you to view the lap times and
telemetry data contained within any SCGT replay file.

"Replay Editor" allows you to extract portions of a
SCGT replay file, from a simple windows user interface.

"RaceReporter" creates a short report of race information
and lap times for ALL cars contained in a SCGT VCR file,
which can be saved as an html file.

Race Reporter Sample

Replay Manager is (c) 2000-2001 Simon Phillips

Replay Manager



Here's a great time saving "free" program for you
car/track builders out there, when using maspruce to create or
re-pack .mas files, this program creates a .txt file of the folders
contents for easy .pck making use. In this example...49 Mercury Custom.txt
you would just remove the "BGM.PCK" for 24 files and copy to the new .pck
It's called MaxLister by Max Bylesjö, get it here..MaxLister ver 2.41


Sound Files

If you are looking for sound files, (lot of the cars you download won't have the
sounds files in the zips), you can edit the .VEH car files with notepad to use
the sounds you want.

SCGT Sounds


Modeling SCGT

Of course there are many expensive Modeling programs out there,
but there are 2 "free" ones that are most commonly used for track
and car modeling for SCGT, Zmodeler and Modelers Garage.

Note about Zmodeler, version 0.99 is the only version that suports transparent
windows in SCGT, you can use the newer versions to model other things but use 0.99
for transparencys.
05/11/04: Zmodeler site is down, I've put up version .99, 1.07 and a couple tuitorials.
I tried to e-mail Oleg M. for permission but email is no longer active, I'll keep the
files up till the site comes back on-line or am contacted by him to remove them.

  • Zmodeler v0.99a

  • Zmodeler v1.07

  • Zmodeler Tuitorial

  • Zmodeler Full Documentation

    ZModeler copyright (c) Oleg M.

    Bobonens Modelers Garage

    Bobonens free modeling program.

  • ====================================

    Stand Alone Cars

    I've done a guide to creating stand-alone cars here..Creating_stand-alone_SCGT_Cars.RAR


    Track Building/Converting

    Now for the hardest part of SCGT modifing, making tracks is hard and I'm
    sure tedious work. It requires a lot of patience, (which I don't have)
    but here's some tuitorials/programs from smarter guys than me to help you
    get started.

  • Stefan Karlsson Track Editing Manual

  • Matt Lucas Track Tuitorial

  • Matt Lucas Track Tuitorial 2

  • Matt Lucas Creating A Road Course

  • Matt Lucas SCN Editor

  • Matt Lucas SCGT Utilities Pack

  • Matt Lucas Modelers Garage Install Tips

  • Matt Lucas AIW Tuitorial

  • Guiness DuplicatorV2

  • Guiness GPL to SCGT Guide

  • Bill Butler CPR to SCGT Guide

  •  JPS Tracked
    SCGT Central
  •  Tracks Around the World
    Darren Galpin
  • ====================================

    More SCGT Help

    If you're new to SCGT I'd recommend downloading J Knight's Tuitorial Guide


    Extract the files to a folder and double click "guide.htm", altho some of the
    links are no longer active it is invaluable to a beginner for getting started.

    Check out the Utilties page as well, many useful fixes and programs there..Utilities

    And help can still be had from the few SCGT players left at Proboards SCGT Forums"


    SCGT Demo
    Here is the Sports Car GT Demo


    Winrar X-tracting Utility

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